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Apart from the general advantages of cloud computing, such as availability, no need to backup data etc., some of the new features that I have discussed a make these offerings attractive to many businesses.

1. If you can attend to invoicing your customers and paying your bills then technology can now look after the vast majority of the rest of your transactions. This means you don't need a bookkeeper to come in and enter your transactions because they have already been captured.

2. Accountants can now offer a far more cost effective solution to SMEs as we don't need to spend time in data entry. Instead we can use our skill and expertise to ensure that the rules of data capture are working properly and to focus on the more important things so that you get prompt and reliable management reports.

3. You can do away with your filing cabinets. As all your supplier invoices are embedded in the accounting software, you no longer need to retain paper copies.

Guide for Business - Cloud accounting

Marie Ickeringill

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