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  • 14th Mar 2007

    Grants for small business OHS training

    A Federal Government programme enables small business owners with less than 20 full-time employees to receive free advice.
  • 20th Feb 2007

    Company reporting thresholds

    The Federal Government is considering a review proposal aimed at reducing the regulatory burden and excessive red tape.
  • 12th Sep 2006

    How does your business rate?

    Too often, businesses fail during the critical initial phase because of poor, but avoidable, business practices.
  • 8th Jun 2006

    Small business CGT concessions opened up

    The Government announced changes to the operation of CGT concessions by making alterations to the maximum net asset value test.
  • 31st May 2006

    2006 Victorian Budget for business

    A package of tax cuts were announced aimed at boosting the capacity of Victorian business to attract investment.
  • 3rd May 2006

    Exemptions for Victorian Payroll and Land Tax

    This advice applies to charitable organisations operating in Victoria.
  • 29th Mar 2006

    Making the most of opportunities

    Superannuation is now more attractive as a retirement planning option for high income earners.
  • 3rd Feb 2006

    FBT exemptions

    The exemption has now been expanded by the ATO to include other technology accessories.
  • 7th Dec 2005

    The ATO is closing in

    The ATO is becoming evermore vigilant and sophisticated when it comes to verifying that taxpayers are complying with the tax laws.
  • 22nd Nov 2005

    Workplace Giving

    Workplace Giving is a voluntary program that results in an automatic tax deduction for employees, without the need to keep receipts.
  • 5th Sep 2005

    FBT and Christmas benefits

    One of the areas that can cause confusion at a time of year when there is already enough going on is that of the fringe benefits tax.
  • 7th Jun 2005

    Non-reviewable contracts

    In order not to disadvantage businesses that had entered into contracts before the GST was implemented
  • 7th Jun 2005

    Service trusts

    The ATO has long-held the position that service fees paid to a related entity for use of assets and employees are deductible
  • 28th Apr 2005

    Succession planning - Keeping it in the family

    Are you planning to retire from a family business or know someone who is?
  • 5th Apr 2005

    Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004

    The Act creates equality between all businesses, no matter what size.


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