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How to apply

Applications to work at Saward Dawson

Great reasons to work at Saward Dawson

All applications should be submitted via post, email or hand delivered to our office.

Jacki McLellan
Saward Dawson Chartered Accountants
PO Box 256
Blackburn 3130

email recruit@sawarddawson.com.au

Phone 9894 2500 (Ask for Jacki for further information)

We welcome applications at any time

We welcome applications from good candidates at any time. Whilst specific vacancies will detail what we require, it is still important that you submit general applications with the following information:

bulleta letter of introduction with accompanying resume
bulleta recent copy of your academic records (if applying for graduate positions)
bulletdemonstration of your leadership capabilities for graduates and senior positions. Alternatively, demonstrate your ability to work in a team if you are applying for Cadetships or Work Experience.
bulletdemonstration of how you share our ethos and vision



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