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Revelation Software Concepts - Beyond the horizon

If you imagine a little bird sitting on the back of a large rhinoceros, as is sometimes seen in wildlife documentaries, you will get an idea about the interdependent  relationship between Revelation Software Concepts and one of the world’s largest computer software companies. The little bird feeds off the back of the rhino but it also provides a very important service to the rhino. In fact, the entire eco-system relies on both, they are equally important. If one ceases to exist, things get out of balance.

David Drake is a “software programmer by passion”. From the time he commenced working, he wanted to start his own software company that would be able to help hundreds, if not thousands of businesses to overcome some of their problems.  He kept an eye out for ideas that might help.
SAP, on the other hand, is a German technology giant with over 35,000 employees in 50 countries supplying massive software installations to the world’s largest corporations.

For several years, David worked as a software contractor and team leader developing SAP applications for various large organisations. He repeatedly heard from SAP users that change control was one of their biggest challenges. He recognised an opportunity and set out to solve the problem.

Rev-Trac Change Control

SAP is a very large, complex and expensive software package. SAP users purchase standard SAP business software packages and use the SAP development environment to tailor it for their specific requirements. SAP is designed for huge organisations that need to process vast numbers of transactions.

A typical SAP purchase and installation costs many millions of dollars. Implementation involves large project teams working in very complex environments and often takes months if not years. Mistakes can be extremely costly.

Rev-Trac Change Control reduces the risk of human error in IT infrastructures, automating many processes and making projects less resource intensive. It ensures that every change to the system complies with the company’s requirements and that changes are authorised by the right people. Changes are implemented in a structured process to mitigate risk and ensure quality. Client investments in their businesses and software are worth millions, if not billions of dollars; Rev-Trac increases the likelihood of doing things right the first time.

To understand the value that Rev-Trac can add to large organisations, take a look at their impressive, worldwide customer list; Unilever, Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, Lockheed Martin, Shell and IBM to name a few.

Being prepared for opportunities

David began developing Rev-Trac in 1997. He made his first sale to Toyota in Australia in 1999.

Within a couple of years Rev-Trac attained a reputation for mitigating project risk and ensuring quality. This paid dividends for David when Enron and other high profile corporate collapses forced regulators to demand greater compliance and the implementation of tougher standards.

By 2003, Rev-Trac had been adopted by several Fortune 100 companies and the first US government agency.

The team at Revelation has grown significantly with David as Chief Executive Officer. 80% of sales are overseas and Rev-Trac now enhances over 2,200 SAP systems incorporating over 28,000 users worldwide.

Saward Dawson and Revelation

We have worked with David and Revelation Software Concepts over the last five years and have continued to see the business grow from strength to strength.  It has been exciting to see David’s commitment and passion to his business, staff, clients and the wider community.  Throughout our involvement, we have provided ongoing compliance, planning and business advisory services, while also implementing a business restructure to provide ongoing flexibility to take up new opportunities and allow for continued growth.  

New horizons

David’s desire has always been to help people. “We have been very successful with Rev-Trac and are now broadening our offerings to appeal to more of the SAP community.” Their new product Salt Apps will help users understand what is happening to their systems when changes are introduced. David says, “We now want to not only change businesses, we want to change communities. Ten percent of income generated by Salt Apps will go to community projects in the developing world. We want to generate hope in the lives of tens of thousands of people living in poverty and slavery.”

To the untrained eye, the little bird sitting on the back of the rhino might seem insignificant. But delve a little deeper and it becomes clear that Revelation, like the little bird, is impacting a community far beyond the horizon.

Read more about this innovative and impactful company at their website, www.xrsc.com.

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