Enterprise Connect Tailored Advisory Services

Following the completion of the Business Review, your Enterprise Connect adviser will prepare a report with recommendations for the business, including opportunities to engage qualified, experienced consultants to assist with the implementation.

Where an external consultant is engaged for an approved project, Enterprise Connect will pay for 50% of the cost of the assignment up to $20,000 under the Tailored Advisory Services program.

Substantial Government subsidies

One or more projects totalling costs of up to $40,000 will attract the dollar for dollar Federal Government funding to a maximum of $20,000.

We can assist with the following Tailored Advisory Services.

Financial and key performance measures
Information available to managers needs to be relevant, understandable and current. Too often, we see the opposite causing managers to struggle with decision making information.

An effective reporting system summarises the key information you need to know and delivers it on time so that you can act upon it.
In tailoring a reporting system for your business we will work out what your key performance indicators are, and ensure you have the right information available for on-going  and timely decision making.

Strategic business planning
A strategic plan for your business can be the difference between success and failure. You should identify and understand all the factors that contribute to your business' success.

It can be as basic as starting with questions like, "Why do I run my business?" or "How can my business reach its full potential?"
We will consider the key people in your business, opportunities and risks, and look at the financial implications of making critical decisions.
You will end up with road map for your business by which you can monitor success and achievement. Planning, evaluation and change should be integral to the on-going management of your business.

Succession planning, business sales and acquisitions
Ultimately the business owner will need to access the equity or value in their business. We often hear that "the business is my retirement strategy". Yet many owners have no idea of the value of their business, or what drives the value up or down.
With an ageing population, succession planning should be built into every business plan to aim to ensure the value of the business is realised in accordance with your goals and objectives.

Process improvement, Quality Management Systems & Resource Planning
We can advise on systems to monitor and control costs in each area of your business and assist to build efficiencies in the production and administration processes.

Saward Dawson's consultants can identify what will add value to your business and help you to build that value. 

Paul Tan

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