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Charities - Time for action


Issued: 26 February 2013



Ten key action items for your
charitable organisation

The Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission came into existence in December 2012 amidst a wave of other NFP reforms. Charities wanting to maintain their tax concessions must plan to ensure they are complying with all of the new requirements. To assist, we have prepared a list of ten key items for charities to consider and act upon as appropriate. We recommend that charities review this action list carefully as the ACNC is now in operation and the first lodgements will be due later this year.

All Victoria registered charities will shortly receive a letter from the ACNC to "confirm your charity details". We strongly recommend that you take special care when completing the response form as it contains a number of items relevant to your tax concessions and financial reporting obligations. The ACNC will also request a copy of your constitution or governing rules.

ACNC Community Presentations

The ACNC has recently published a series of videos providing a general overview and background to the ACNC reforms. See more...


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